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Great People:J.K.Rowling

Today is J.K.Rowling's birthday! I am sure that everyone has read books about Harry Potter and I'm sure that everyone knows this wonderful writer.
I am not going to write about J.Rowling's biography(if you want to know smth. just visit her site http://www.jkrowling.com/en_GB/#/) I want to share with you some interesting facts.

  •  Real name of the writer is Joanne Rowling Murray, not Joan Kathleen Rowling, as many people think. Before the first publication her publisher feared that boys would be reluctant to buy a book written by a woman. Therefore, Rowling was asked to use initials instead of the full name. At the same time, publishers wanted the initials consisted of two letters. Rowling chose for the second name initials of her grandmother, Kathleen. Also, she chose this name  because of the alphabetical harmony - in the English alphabet letter K comes immediately after the letter J. 
  • Asteroid number 43844 took name after the famous writer( on the proposal of the astronomer who discovered)

  • Harry Potter was born on 31 July 1980, the date of birth of Rowling is July 31, 1965.  
  • JK Rowling after the last Harry Potter movie poster created pottermore.com which promised to add new information about Harry.
    •  February 23, 2012 a new book of JK Rowling was announced.
    So Смайлы День рождения dear writer!

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