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Hot Dog Day

Every year on July 18 Americans celebrate the National Hot Dog Day.It's  a holiday devoted to the traditional American dish. A sausage  poured with ketchup or mustard and put into the bun is today considered to be a classic American dish. 
By the way, every U.S. state has got  its own recipe for this popular dish. For example, in the southern U.S.people make corn  hotdogs, in Kansas they add the grated cheese and sauerkraut, in Chicago they cook crab and apple hotdogs. Even the usual ketchup and mustard can be  replaced with a mayonnaise-based on wasabi and avocado, and some people offer to try a hot dog with peanut butter and foie gras. And these are just some examples.
A homemade hot dog is a surprisingly tasty thing, it is much healthier and more appetizing and it can be done without much effort - a list of the required products is small, and the rest is the case of your imagination.
For buns we need:
-1/3 cup of water; 
- 60-70 g. of oil; 
- 500 g of high quality flour; 
- 8-10 g of sugar; 
- 6-8 g of yeast; 
- 3-4 g of salt; 
- Spices (paprika, pepper, etc.) 
For the sauce (the easiest, but the original example): 
- onion ; 
- Garlic; 
- Mayonnaise; 
- Horseradish. 
You can use 
- Cheese; 
- Pickles; 
- Other ingredients (spices, lettuce, etc.)
A bun for homemade hot dogs is simply to do: mix  the dough ingredients in the warm water, leave for a quarter of an hour. Form long rolls, wait a few minutes and send them in the oven for 11-16 minutes. You can bypass this step and buy a bun in the shop (although in this case you can't be sure in its  quality).
The original sauce for a homemade hotdog can be cooked in a few minutes: Mix the mayonnaise with the chopped onion, add the crushed garlic and a bit of horseradish. If you like you can add the herbs and spices, do not be afraid to experiment - a single sauce for hot dogs has  never existed.
Now we can make the hotdog: make a cut in a bun, put inside it a sausage, top with sauce and add supplements to your taste (cheese, cucumbers, etc.). You can follow certain prescriptions (eg, Chicago hotdog is made with tomatoes, hot peppers, pickles, onions and mustard, a Mexican hotdog has got sliced ​​avocado and bacon, onions and beans).There is a  great number of variations. The  hotdog  we put  in the microwave for 1-2 minutes.  Well Done!Here it is our hot dog!
Домашний хот-дог
And what about you? How do you cook your hot dog? Please share your recipes with us.

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