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Event: Chocolate Day

On July 11 we celebrate World Chocolate Day.This sweet holiday was invented by the French in 1995. Chocolate by definition is a confection of cacao. In Latin this kind of tree is called Theobroma cacao, it comes from tropical America and in this moment is cultivated in most tropical countries.The scientific name Theobroma (from the Greek "food of the gods") was given by the famous Swede Carl Linnaeus in the XVIII century. Cacao  has got Aztec origins. The Aztecs knew cocoa from the XIV century, they considered it sacred and revered it as a gift of God Quetzalcoatl. However, the cocoa beans were not used for sacrifices, but as  means of calculation and preparation of tart spicy drink.The Spanish conquistadors brought chocolate to Europa, and for many years it was eaten only by  aristocrats.
For a long time  the chocolate was in a liquid form. A familiar tiled form appeared only in the middle of the XIX century. However, only in the early twentieth century -due to the  industrial production - chocolate was spread everywhere.
Here are some useful advice howto choose a good kind of chocolate:
  1. Pay attention to the package. It should be sealed.
  2. Apearance of the bar of chocolate. Dark chocolate is brighter than milk one.
  3. Taste. Remember good chocolate melts in your mouth and not in your hands.
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