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What to buy for school

Very soon schoolchildren will get back to their classes. But before this very important moment both for parents and children, a mission called "Preparing for school" will take place. If you do not want to get lost in the labyrinth of school bags, school uniforms and pens and pencils, let's try to create together a list of the things you need for school.
It is important to remember that the preferences of your child should be taken into account, but don't forget about the fact that things should be comfortable in use and harmless for your child's health.
So, let's begin!
#1 School bag
 Choosing a school bag, pay attention to its width, which should be equal to the shoulder width of  your child. Also, the school bag must fit tight against the back. It's better to buy an orthopedic school bag for children under 15 years old. The straps on the briefcase should be easily adjustable. Check out all the zippers.
#2 Copybooks 
Pay attention to the quality of the paper and the clarity of the lines in the copybook. Do not buy the covers with drawings, because they  discourage children from learning. And sometimes, the content of such drawings is not propriet for school. Of course, no one will be able to specify the number of copybooks, because everything depends on the number of subjects that the child will study, the intensity of the recording and the way of child's handwritten.
#3 Diary
Modern manufacturers offer a lot of different options. When choosing a diary, take into account which class your child is attending and what language learns.
#4Covers for notebooks and textbooks.
Keep in mind that the size of the covers for textbooks depends on which class your child is going to be.
Pencil case.
Please note that all the necessary things will be easy to reach.
#5 Pens and pencils and etc
Buy ballpoint pens with blue ink and rubber holder. Note that the ink dries up quickly.
The pencil should be of medium hardness, with the mark HB or B.
Eraser depends on the pencil. If you have purchased a solid pencil, then the eraser should be firm, and for soft and medium hardness - soft.
Pencil sharpener.
Rulers of different lengths.
Devider. Choose it with a thick and short tip, easy and safe to use.
Transporter and squire.
Glue (it's best to choose a pencil for  not to spill it).
Paints and brushes.
Colored pencils.
Colored paper and cardboard.
Album for drawing.
Do not postpone the school shopping on the last day of the vacation, take care of the necessary eqipment in advance. Let your school gethering  be easy and fun, and I wish you to spend your last summer days on pleasant and interesting things.

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