вторник, 14 февраля 2017 г.

"Young English" club meeting: "Valentine's mailbox project"

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    Today's meeting of our "Young English" club has been dedicated to St. Valentine's Day which is celebrated in the whole world on February, 14.  
I offered my students to discuss the main symbols of this holiday and to become poets.
So I told my students the legend of the St. Valentine's Day origin and they enriched their vocabulary with new words connected with this holiday.

   After having watched the educational presentation and done some tests, my students practised in writing poems.

   Then we created our own Valentine cards, signed them and greeted one another with this lovely holiday.
At the end of our meeting we watched a funny movie about oddbods and their happy Valentine day.
Enjoy the watching and have fun( the video was taken from Oddbods - Official Channel):

Happy St. Valentine's Day! ;)

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Love is the most wonderful of all feelings in the world.It's Valentine's Day, my dear friends! And what could be a better time to let your dearest know that you love them.
If you still don't know who St. Valentine is and why the whole world goes crazy about this holiday, it's high time for you to find out this information. 
And don't forget to greet everyone you love with this lovely holiday;)
I send you my BIG WARM HUG to wish you Happy St Valentine's Day! Смайлы Праздники

четверг, 2 февраля 2017 г.

Groundhog Day: when will spring come?

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Hello my dear friends!
Today is February, 2 
and it's Groundhog day!
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So let's find out when spring will come. And shadow certainly knows it ;)
People have always paid attention to different animals' behaviour and believed that it could help to predict weather.
For example, people in ancient Rome celebrated Hedgehog Day. They observed a hedgehog whether it could see its shadow or not. In the northern Germany people watched a badger. This custom is considered to be brought into the USA from the western Europe.
For a long time groundhog observing was only a custom, but on February 2, 1886 a funny article appeared in one of the newspapers. It's said that a groundhog could predict the weather on the Turkey mountain in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania .
If this funny animal can see its shadow - spring will come after six weeks.
And if it can't see its shadow - we'll have an early spring/
So it's high time to find out the groundhog's verdict. And here it is
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