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Music in our life: Barbara Streisand - Woman in Love

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A great American singer Barbara Streisand was born on April 24. This amazing lady has performed a lot of beautiful hits which are still popular in the whole world.
Let's listen to the most famous Barbara's hit "Woman in Love"

Перклад пісні "Woman in Love" 
"Закохана жінка"

Життя - це мить у Всесвіті.
Коли мрія зникає, це найтужливіше місце.
Відсилаю ранку свіій прощальний поцілунок,
Хоча в душі не знаю, навіщо.
Дорога така вузька та довга,
Коли очі зустрічаються, а почуття таке міцне,
Я не помічаю перешкод,
Шкопиртаю та падаю, але віддаю все тобі.

Я - закохана жінка,
І зроблю все, аби заманути тебе у свій світ та втримати там.
Це моє право, за яке я борюся знову та знову.
А що робити?
Якщо ти зі мною, 
Я не помічаю часу.
Ми пообіцяли один одному з самого початку,
Що будемо вічно жити в наших серцях.
Нехай між нами океани,
Ти відчуваєш моє кохання, а я чую, що ти говориш.
Правда ніколи не перетвориться на брехню.
Шкопиртаю та падаю, але віддаю все тобі.

Reading is the key to knowledge.

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On April 23 we celebrated World Book Day. But it doesn't mean that there is only one day in the year when we read. Of course we read a lot: messages from our friends and relatives, the web pages, magazines and newspapers, books, etc. It depends on what we like and it's good when there's a passion for reading. 
But what if a person doesn't like reading at all?
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That is the problem! And we, teachers, need to find the way to show our students that a book is a magical thing which can show them another life and enrich their inside world.
It's also important to help children not to be lost in the world of literature and to organize their time properly for reading. Because sometimes that's the reason of children's disgust with books.
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What our children like to do is... 
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yeah, playing computer games. 
So I have decided to use computer and the Internet as the helpers to raise our students interest for reading.
Now let's observe the sites which help to make reading lessons amazing.

  • http://www.readingfriend.com/ - You'll find more than 500 interactive, animated books, songs, games and puzzles here.
  • http://www.mightybook.com/ - You’ll find hundreds of original stories and songs, plus scores of classic books, poems and children’s songs. Everything is illustrated, animated and read out loud. 
  • http://www.storylineonline.net/ - The SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s children’s literacy website, Storyline Online, streams imaginatively produced videos featuring famous actors reading children’s books alongside creatively produced illustrations, helping to inspire a love of reading in children.
  • http://dreamreader.net/ -There is a huge amount of original content over a wide variety of topics on the site.  These materials have been developed with different criteria to suit EFL/ESL learners in their efforts to improve their overall English reading ability.  These criteria involve the use of reading ease tools, standardized vocabulary level markers, and feedback from learners.  The website is updated regularly with new content. 
  • http://english-e-books.net/ - This site has been created to help people learn English language. Adapted books – one of the best and interesting way to increase your vocabulary. Here you can find English ebooks of different levels in epub, mobi, fb2, rtf and txt formats.
Use the materials from these sites in your work and show your students that reading can be fun.
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понедельник, 17 апреля 2017 г.

Happy Easter!!!

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On Easter Sunday( this year it's on April 16) we celebrated Easter. 
So, let's enrich  our vocabulary with Easter words Смайлы Праздники
And let's practise in cooking with bbcgoodfood  recipes Смайлы Праздники
Are you ready for the Easter egg hunt? Let's find the Easter eggs with Masha and the Bear.
Смайлы ПраздникиHappy Easter, my dear friends!