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Back to school: adaptation after summer holidays.

The beginning of a new school year can be quite stressful for children, despite the whole solemnity of this process. Of course, our schoolchildren will be happy to see both their classmates and teachers, and they really want to boast of their new things and share their experiences accumulated during the summer. But show me at least one person who is eager to wake up early in the morning, if he or she has got used to late sleep. Whatever  you say this regime is complicated, and it is very difficult to perform studying duties after a long rest. So let's find out how to help our children adapt to school best.
According to psychologists, the period of adaptation for sixth graders lasts for 2-3 weeks. A rapid transition to a new regime for children 11-12 years old can cause psychological difficulties, and, consequently, adversely affect their health. Therefore, in the last days of summer it is better to encourage children to go to bed early and wake up earlier in the morning.At the same time it is wrong  to require strict compliance with the regime, but it's much better if you show it on your own example. So you will refresh yourselves, and help  your child. It is necessary to limit somewhat the time of watching TV and playing the computer. Suggest the performance of any household duties , so that your child will not wander in vain. But make sure the child is not overloaded.
Active outdoor activities and meetings with friends in the last days of the summer will contribute to the socialization of the child and help to gain additional strength. After all, children of middle school age should spend 2 hours in the fresh air every day.
During the summer holidays, everything that was learned before was forgotten. Therefore, it would be good if the child read the summer literature recommended, repeat the English words learned before, revise the multiplication table, and write dictations. Such mini-training for the school will also help to adapt to the new school process. 
Don't forget about healthy eating habbits,  because vitamins contribute to the good physical and mental development of children. So nutritionists consider foods containing choline and lichen as food for brain. They can be found in milk, eggs, fish and liver. Do not forget about magnesium, which is contained in nuts, sunflower seeds, buckwheat, bananas and baked potatoes.
Don't forget about  positive mood. After all, returning to school is an opportunity to learn something new, share impressions and communicate with friends, as well as win new victories.
Dear parents, finally, there is another piece of advice - care about your children, communicate with them, support them and get interested in their preferences and excitements, so that learning for them will be pleasant. 

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