понедельник, 13 мая 2019 г.

Let's write about...

Today we are going to write about the streets we are living in. 
And here is the story from Katia Zhulkova (form 7).
My name is Katia and I'll tell you about my picturesque street. 
My street is special. It has got a very beautiful name. It's called Odesska str. If you ask me why it's beautiful, I'll tell you it's because this street is the most flowering street in my village Yurchenkove.
My house is situated at the edge of the street. Here it is, my house in bloom.

There are many other blooming houses in my street. And the greatest and the most beloved teachers live in my street.
When you walk along my street, you can see many beautiful houses, wonderful blooming lilac by the road. 

There is a lovely birch park near our street. And it is the most beautiful park in our village.
I think the sunset is the best in my street. You can see that it's really very beautiful.

I love my native street very much!"