понедельник, 30 июня 2014 г.

Music in our life/Музыка в нашей жизни

I think summer is the most amazing time of the year. It presents us with warmth and joy. And of course there is a lot of sun. I enjoy sun and I love summer. Смайлы Времяпровождение
I hope you too;) 
And here is the song which has come to my mind Texas "Summer's Son":
Let's sing together( the lyrics with the translation are under the video):

Summer Son 

Сын лета 

I'm tired of telling the story
Я устала рассказывать эту историю,
Tired of telling it your way
Устала рассказывать, как это все случилось.
Yeh I know what I saw
Да, я знаю, что я видела,
I know that I found the floor
Я знаю, что нашла.

Before you take my heart, reconsider
Перед тем как ты заберешь мое сердце, подумай,
Before you take my heart, reconsider
Перед тем как ты заберешь мое сердце, подумай,
I've opened the door
Я открыла дверь,
I've opened the door
Я открыла дверь
Here comes the summer's son
И вот приходит сын лета,
He burns my skin
Он обжигает мою кожу,
I ache again
Мне снова больно,
I'm over you
Тебя нет рядом.

I thought I had a dream to hold
Я думала, что моя мечта сбылась,
Maybe that has gone
Наверно, она исчезла.
Your hands reach out and touch me still
Твои руки все тянутся ко мне, и все еще касаются меня,
But this feels so wrong
Но это так неправильно.

Before you take my heart, reconsider
Перед тем как ты заберешь мое сердце, подумай,
Before you take my heart, reconsider
Перед тем как ты заберешь мое сердце, подумай,
I've opened the door
Я открыла дверь,
I've opened the door
Я открыла дверь
Here comes the summer's son
И вот приходит сын лета,
He burns my skin
Он обжигает мою кожу,
I ache again
Мне снова больно,
I'm over you
Тебя нет рядом.

[repeat 2x]
[повторяется 2 раза]

Here comes the winter's rain
Вот приходит зимний дождь,
To cleanse my skin I wake again
Чтобы очистить мое тело,
I'm over you
Я снова просыпаюсь
Here comes the summer's son
И вот приходит сын лета,
He burns my skin
Он обжигает мою кожу,
I ache again
Мне снова больно,
I'm over you
Тебя нет рядом.

Entertainment: How to train your dragon 2

Summer goes on and holidays go on, too. Enjoy your rest! 
And I offer you to watch a lovely movie from Dreamworks "How to train your dragon 2". An amazing story about vikings and dragons goes on. 
Enjoy your watching!;) 

воскресенье, 29 июня 2014 г.

Happy Youth Day!!!;)

Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty.Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.These are not my words. They were said by the great Franz Kafka. And I quite agree with him. Today is Youth Day and I wish all of you always keep the ability to see beauty and be forever young.
Happy youth day my dear friends!!!;)
And here is the beauty which I can see in my little garden or on my window - sill. I'd like to share this beauty with you my friends:

среда, 18 июня 2014 г.

An amazing hobby: origami/Удивительное хобби:оригами.

During this month my pupils and I have not only improved our English but also payed our attention to an amazing hobby - origami.
Origami (折り紙, from ori meaning "folding", and kami meaning "paper" (kami changes to gami due to rendaku) is the traditional Japaneseart of paper folding, which started in the 17th century AD at the latest and was popularized outside of Japan in the mid-1900s. It has since evolved into a modern art form. The goal of this art is to transform a flat sheet of paper into a finished sculpture through folding and sculpting techniques, and as such the use of cuts or glue are not considered to be origami. Paper cutting and gluing is usually consideredkirigami.
The number of basic origami folds is small, but they can be combined in a variety of ways to make intricate designs. The best known origami model is probably the Japanese paper crane. In general, these designs begin with a square sheet of paper whose sides may be different colors or prints. Traditional Japanese origami, which has been practiced since the Edo era (1603–1867), has often been less strict about these conventions, sometimes cutting the paper or using nonsquare shapes to start with.(Wikipedia)
Here are some of my works:

It's an amazing thing when a simple sheet of paper turns into a wonderful flower or creature. 
My pupils and I want to thanks Reshetnyova Elena Vladimirovna for practical lessons.

понедельник, 16 июня 2014 г.

Pepsi Day ;)

In 1893, a young American pharmacist Caleb Bredhem quite unexpectedly created a unique mixture of soda, rare oils, sugar, vanilla and cola nuts. This unusual drink was sold in pharmacies as a mean of strengthening and exhilarating. But the registered trademark "Pepsi-Cola" was invented much later on June 16, 1903. It was then that the name of the drink was invented, so beloved by millions of people worldwide. The trademark "Pepsi-Cola"was the name of ingredients pepsin and cola nut.
Today, "Pepsi-Cola" has got fans of the unusual taste in all countries. And although the trademark "Pepsi-Cola" was registered more than a hundred years ago, people love it so far.
I suggest you to take part in a fascinating tour of the advertising posters of fizzy drink in different years:




суббота, 14 июня 2014 г.

World Bloggers' Day

There is nothing quite like sitting around your room or office and exchanging ideas with one another, cracking up at random pictures we find, and then sharing everything with one another! So today is the World's Bloggers' Day and I want to congratulate all the bloggers and their readers from the whole world on this day.
Here are some interesting facts about bloggin for you:
Blogging which started in mid nineties as a personal hobby to share one’s thoughts has indeed come a long way. Initially, it was nothing more than an extension of diary writing but in no time, it turned into a powerful medium. Soon, people started using it as a source of secondary income and some were even lucky enough to be full time, professional bloggers. Today, it is used widely by businesses as part of their marketing strategy.

  1. Justin Hall, a US freelance journalist is said to be the first blogger. In 1994, while still in college, he managed to publish his first blog.
  2. WordPress and Blogspot are two most popular blogging platforms. WordPress, a relatively late entrant in blogging, has surpassed its elder brother, Blogspot in terms of popularity. More than 40 percent of bloggers use WordPress.
  3. In 1999, there were just 23 blogs. Today, there are over 1.5 billion blogs on the internet. WordPress.com alone has over 60 millions of them. Every half a second, a new blog is created. There are about 31 million bloggers in the US.
  4. More than 60% of blogs are in English. Other prominent languages include Spanish, Portuguese, and Indonesian.
  5. Over half of the blogging community has more than one blog. Professional bloggers have 4 blogs, on an average. Only about 27 percent of bloggers are full time into it.
  6. 1 in every 5 bloggers updates his/her blog daily. Most of the blogs are read in the morning between 7 AM to 10 AM.
  7. Bloggers use social media to promote their blogs. A blogger on an average uses 5 social media sites.
  8. A blog post is powerful enough to influence a purchase. Businesses that blog get more visitors to their website. Almost half of the companies in the US use blogs for the purpose of marketing their product/services.
  9. Earning from a blog is not something that happens overnight. It takes a sound strategy along with a high dose of perseverance. About one-fifth of bloggers have been into it for more than 6 long years.
  10. Less than 10 percent of bloggers earn enough to support their family. More than 80 percent never ever make it to even $100.
The information was taken from http://touchliquor.com/
Enjoy your blogging and happy World Bloggers' Day!;)

The Day of the American flag

Every year on June 14 the United States of America celebrate the Day of the American flag. For every US citizen this day is not just an ordinary holiday and it's the day of pride for their country, the day of patriotism and love for America and Americans.
The idea of ​​celebrating the Day of the American flag, according to historical records, belongs to J. Sigrand who organized the celebration for his pupils in 1885. All his life he called the citizens for celebrating the "Flag's Birthday", as it was legally  approved the official state flag of the U.S. on June 14.
I congratulate all my American friends on this holiday!Смайлы Праздники
Let's listen to American Flag Rap:

пятница, 13 июня 2014 г.

Friday the 13-th

Today is Friday, the 13th, and  the full moon, so this day should be unlucky twice by definition. But as the mathematicians say: two minuses give plus.
Friday  the 13th  is called "black". It is believed that on this day all the ghouls, witches and other evil spirits gather together at the demonic orgy. And when that day falls on a full moon something terrible can happen.
Certainly everyone will find at least one example of failure that happened to him on that day. To avoid repetition, you can refer to the signs of our ancestors and contemporaries:

1. Resist the temptation. On this day, people are most susceptible to temptation and unjustified risk (remember the famous biblical story), try to be calm, listen to classical music, read, spend time with your family.

2. Do not go on a journey. Muslims consider Friday a wrong day to start your adventures, and many travel companies do not send their clients to flights on the 13th, do not  mention the combination - Friday, 13.

3. Be careful on the roads! According to statistics, on this day there is a set of road accidents.

4. Do not go for surgery! Many health workers argue that on this day surgeons try not to carry dangerous operations on, as the risk to the patient is doubled. Especially for plastic surgery.

5. Do not leave the apartment unattended. American police reports claim that on Friday, the 13th day of an increasing number of thefts and robberies.

6. Save your computer! It is believed that on this day  activity of "worms."is increased At the dawn of the computer age, many creators of virus programs created dangerous progs.  Check your computer and do not click on suspicious links.
At the end I want to say no matter what day it is. May it be a lucky day!;)

четверг, 12 июня 2014 г.

Summer rest

Summer holidays are coming and a very important question is appearing, too: how can we have a good time during these holidays?
The sun is shining, there is a lot of  rest and  happiness! But a lot of teenagers use this time sitting at the computer. 
I think summer is precious because it  gives an opportunity  to change your life or yourself for the better, at least a little :) during these three months.
Here are some useful tips for your summer rest planning:

  • Plan your day, vary the activities and rest;
  • It's important not to be sad in summer. It is such a wonderful time of life! Do not be upset over small things, better look at what surrounds you and smile. And there is a saying: "There are 7 billion people in the world and you let one of them ruin your day?" Very well said! Do not allow yourself to spoil the day! Especially summer! Have fun!)  Such a lovely rest is only once a year!
  • Go for a photowalk with your friends. Have fun, laugh, enjoy your life! And I want to remind you that unexpected photos are the most cheerful, funny and memorable)
  • Read books.  
  • Start watching movies, good, with meaning. Watch the horrors to overcome your fears.  A comedy can rise your mood! 
  • You can go to the cinema with friends (a comedy will be of use;))
  • Tidy up your room. This method is very useful because for cleaning you'll spend only one day, and live in a clean room for the whole  summer.  By the way this method will pleased your mother! Surprise your mom! :)
  • Don't forget to get up early! Because when going to the work / school / university it will be hard for you to get up in the morning. Get up at 6, 7 or 8 a.m.
  • Go in for sport, start to run. Maintain a healthy lifestyle this summer! Lose weight and freshen up. It should be said that you should not eat before exercises. And you can only drink water 10-15 minutes after workout.
  • Go to the seaside and get a suntan.The best time for your tan will be from 8 to 10 a.m. and from 4 to 6 p.m.Wish you a nice tan!  Enjoy yourself and relax :)

среда, 4 июня 2014 г.

Exams are coming!

Gendalf is right, isn't he? 
But how to prepare for the exam? Here are some useful tips for you:

1. Give yourself enough time to study

2. Organize your study space

3. Practice on old exams

4. Take regular breaks

5. Plan your exam day

And remember  exams only show your knowledge and skills. So don't be afraid, just show them to your teachers.

My dear 9-th formers, the English exam will be on Thursday ( 05.06.14) 
I wish you good luck!;)