вторник, 30 июня 2015 г.

Music in our life:Skrillex and Diplo - "Where Are Ü Now" with Justin Bieber

Прямая ссылка на встроенное изображение
On June 29 we got the official video to the Jack Ü — Skrillex and Diplo — hit, “Where Are You Now.”with Justin Bieber. And I have to say that it's a real masterpiece in every respect. Maybe we all can remember that time when we felt broken, when we needed somebody to stand by and just to support us. The lyrics of this song remind us about this time. Great thanks to Justin for this touching song. And let's back to the video. To my mind it's an amazing work of musicians and fans. Excellent work, guys!!!
We enjoy it over and over again:
Where are U now? ( Justin Bieber)
I need you, I need you, I need you, I need you
I need you, I need you, I need you, I need you
I need you the most

I gave you the key
When the door wasn't open
Just admit it
See I gave you faith
And you doubt it open, can't deny it
Now I'm all alone and my choice to the open
Tell me, where are you now that I need you?
Where are you now?
Where are you now that I need ya?
Couldn't find you anywhere
When you broke down I didn't leave ya
I was by your side
So where are you now that I need ya?
Where are you now that I need ya?

Where are you now that I need ya?
Where are you now that I need ya?
Where are you now that I need ya?

I gave you attention
When nobody else was payin'
I gave you the shirt off my back
When nobody else was sayin'
To keep you warm
I showed you the game everybody else was playin'
That's for sure
And I was on my knees
When nobody else was prayin', oh lord

Where are you now that I need ya?
Where are you now that I need ya?
Where are you now that I need ya?

I need you, I need you, I need you, I need you
I need you, I need you, I need you, I need you
I need you the most

Where are you now that I need ya?
Where are you now that I need ya?
Where are you now that I need ya?

I need you the most
I need you the most
I need you the most

четверг, 25 июня 2015 г.

We remember, we love: Michael Jackson.

Exactly six years ago, on June, 25  2009  the great  King of Pop and absolutely brilliant dancer Michael Jackson left this world.  He died, but his music will live forever. We remember you, Michael!
Even after his death Michael Jackson is the most successful performer in the history of pop music. On his account there are 15 "Grammy" and hundreds of other awards. He was listed in the Guinness Book of Records 25 times. He sold more than 1 billion copies of his records. In 2009, he was officially recognized as a legend and an icon of American music over the incredible contribution to the development of modern pop culture. To mark the sixth anniversary of the great singer's death we remember his best hits.
(Great thanks to lorilei2005 for creating this wonderful video)

среда, 10 июня 2015 г.

Season of rest is opened!;)

Ok, my dear friends, today you have passed your final exam. I'm sure that your results are good. Do you remember your last 5 min of the exam?

And after your exam 

So season of rest is opened! Enjoy your summer!;)

вторник, 9 июня 2015 г.

Night before the exam: the best motivation ever.

This is it, my dear friends, the night before the exam. And I'm sure that most of you think that during this night you will be able to learn all the school schedule. Of course it's imposible. So keep calm and don't overload your brain.Just remember that your exam is only the way to show your skills on the subject. And also remember that everything will be over tomorrow.
I wish all of the students good luck at the English test tommorow. And at the end of my post I'd like to share with you the best motivation ever made by Shia LaBeouf. JUST DO IT!;) (taken from 
Mike Mohamed's channel)

Helpful tips for learning English:Writing a review.

A review is a report to give your opinion of a book, film, play.

  • Introduction: Write about the title, author, type of the story, main characters.
  • Main body:Give main points of the plot, describe your favourite characters, share your impressions.
  • Conclusion: Give your recommendations( the reasons why the film(book) is worth watching(reading).

Helpful tips for learning English:Writing about a landmark.

  • Introduction: Write about the name of the place, where it is and describe it.
  • Main body: Write about the historical facts of the landmark or any interesting facts of it. Write about what visitors can see or do there.
  • Conclusion: Recommend a visit to the landmark.

Helpful tips for learning English:Writing an essay.

An essay is a short piece of writing on a particular subject.

  • Introduction: write in general about the subject matter.
  • Main body:Write about when and where you came across this subject. Also mention your point of view.
  • Conclusion:Connect with your experiences, share your impressions.

Helpful tips for learning English:Connectors(Слова-зв'язки).

It's very important to vary your composition with the help of special connectors. Here is the list of the connectors with their translation into Ukrainian:
І, та
Так, тому, таким чином
Оскільки, як
On the contrary
However, anyway
Як би там не було
That’s why
Ось чому
On the one hand/on the other hand
З одного боку/з іншого боку
Тому що
By the way
До речі
Крім того
First of all
Перш за все
To my mind
На мою думку
As for me
Щодо мене
In my opinion
На мою думку
Of course
All to all
Врешті -решт

воскресенье, 7 июня 2015 г.

Helpful tips for learning English:Writing a composition.

I've decided to start a special rubric for those students who learn English and prepare for their English writing test. I don't want your reaction on your test to be like this:
So let's begin with a composition writing.
A composition usually puts forward two or more views on a subject.
  • Begin by planning the content of your composition. You may devide a sheet of paper into two columns and note the main points for and against in each column.Leave space after each point to add ideas and examples from your own experience.
  • Introduce the subject of your composition in the first paragraph. Don't forget to follow the plan that is given in your test. Remember you should answer all the points of this plan.
  • Use a new paragraph for each new main point
Useful expressions for introducing your points
  • The first reason why...
  • The second argument for thinking... 
  • To my mind.../In my opinion...
  • On the one hand/on the other hand...
  • In addition...
  • Furthermore...
In the final paragraph you should summarize and give your own view with reasons.
Useful expressions for summarizing
  • To sum up...
  • In conclusion...
  • On the whole...
Remember that your ideas must be clear and the context of your writing must be connected.
Your language should be rich. And while writing pay attention to using articles, grammar tenses, the order of words in the sentences, using 'to' with infinitive,the number of nouns, conditionals.(All the grammar rules you can find on pages of this blog). 
If you've got any questions, ask me in the comments.
Good luck!;)


пятница, 5 июня 2015 г.

Exam preparation: some useful tips.

The wizard has spoken.
So, my dear friends, summer has come and we all are ready to enjoy it. But here it is - the great battle which we call EXAMS. And here is the different people's reaction for the coming exams;)

"Why do we need them?" you'll ask me.
Well, exams make you study and review regularly. Exam results show where you need extra work. And exam results are used by teachers to help decide the level of your knowledge and skills.
What is the good advice for exam preparation? It's quite obvious, my friends. You should
And I'm sure that all of you know it very well.And you also know that
One Does Not Simply Pass Final Exams...
Jokes are jokes, but if you want to be ok at your exam you just should prepare for it well.
Moscow psychologist Pronin proposed training technique "3-4-5." Time before the exam (year, month, week) is divided into three equal parts. In the first, say, 10 days you must learn all the topics for the C grade, during the second 10 days - for the B grade, and in the remaining days you should revise the familiar themes and  remove the errors.
Such a method has several advantages. Knowledge is not linked in memory with fear "to be late", it is possible to learn (repeat) and create an idea of ​​the subject as a whole.
Experienced teachers state that an unsinkable student is someone who knows how to speak the language of the subject. Such a student has got a fluent technique of preparation for the exam.
British consultants  Orr and Klaysr in their book "Exams without stress" have summarized a similar experience:
- make up a clear plan of preparation for the exam;
- know your best time for study ("early bird"  or "owl")
- If you are feeling "not in the mood", start the lessons with the most interesting subject for you, this will help to enter the working form;
- If there is a sudden fear of the subject, it is necessary to stand up, turn away from the table, to make a few slow, deep breaths, and only then back down to study;
- Must take short but regular breaks: have a rest, do not wait for the fatigue 
- Do without stimulants (coffee, strong tea, etc.): the nervous system before the exam is already on edge;
- The evening before the exam must be relaxation: walk, swim, and at night have  a good sleep, the last twelve hours must be left for training  not knowledge, but the organism.

Exam is coming!

For those students who are taking the State Final Evaluation (Ua: ДПА)
The English Exam will be on June 8, 2015.
For those students who are preparing for taking the Independent External Evaluation (Ua: ЗНО)
The Exam will be on June 10, 2015.
Good luck!;)

понедельник, 1 июня 2015 г.

Happy Children's Day!;)

Today is a special day, my dear friends! It's Children's Day! 
It is no coincidence, perhaps, the first day of summer coincides with the children's holiday. It is so great! After all, we all love summer, it delights us with its warmth and sunshine. And our children is a small "sun" in our hearts and in our lives! We give them our love and in return they give their heat and light, they bring us joy!
Congratulations to all children in the whole world with this wonderful holiday! I wish them a good summer weather, fun and joy! And we adults should never forget that childhood passes by very fast, so it is worth every effort to make it cloudless for our children!
Happy Children's Day!:)