вторник, 25 сентября 2018 г.

New ways of learning for young learners

Let's get acquainted! These are my first graders. They like learning English and they are very eager to learn something new. And I always try to make my lessons more intresting for my little learners. Today we have started learning letters and our first AB meeting was unusual. Let's forget about boring writing! Why not to create letters with the help of plasticine? It's easy and very creative for my pupils. By the way we have learn't not only letters, we also practised pronouncing their sounds and made words with these letters(apples and bananas). We also used wonderful resourses from http://www.dreamenglish.com/missionabcde
It was easy and a great fun! And what I liked most of all was that my young learners remembered new letters very easily. So the first step to knowing English has been taken.
To be continued...

воскресенье, 16 сентября 2018 г.

Let's write about...

Two weeks of study at school passed. Our students revised all the information they learnt last year.Now they are eager to learn something new.
I've decided to offer them an opportunity to practice their skills in writing and share their feelings and thoughts on pages of our blog in a new rubric "Let's write about..." 
Their first offered topics were "How I spent my summer vacations" and "My first day at school". My students were eager to share their summer experience. 
Now let's look what we've got.

"My summer was very funny. Every day I went for walks with my friends, rode on my bike, made new friends from the neighbourhood. Unfortunatelly my summer is over. A new school year has begun. I really miss my summer very much."
                                        Lizy R.

"The first day of school began with a school meeting. At the meeting everyone was congratuleted on the Day of Knowledge". After that the first bell rang. After the end of our meeting we went to our classroom. There was our first lesson, we played an intellectual quest game. The bell rang and we went home."

"This summer I read a variety of interesting books, played a lot of funny games with my friends and had a very good time.
  I liked my summer vacations very much"

"I spent my summer very merrily. This summer I went to the river where a lot of fish swam. I also visited my relatives in Slovyansk and had a wonderful time there. I visited any interesting places of interest there. I enjoyed my summer rest very much"
                                             Lizy M. 

"At the end of our school year I couldn't wait for my summer holidays. I love summer because it's the most funny timeof the year. In summer you can swim in the river, go to different cities or even countries, can wear light and colourful clothes, go for walks with my friends.
  My summer was great! At first I was at my sister's where I swam and lay itn the sun every day.Then my sister, my niece and I went camping to the woods.I also made a lot of interesting and funny videos on my Youtube channel "Miss Ruslana".
Then I came home and helped my mother do the household chores. But I missed my classmates very much. In general, you feel lonely and sad without communication with your classmates.
Now our school year has started and I'm happy to see my classmates again.
I wish you good luck and success in a new academic year. See you soon!"

Thanks to all our authors for sharing their wonderful emotions with us. Great work!We also happy to greet our new blog participent and new student Mary.
To be continued...;)