среда, 14 декабря 2016 г.

English Language Day

Картинки по запросу фото рік англійської мови в україні
As you all have already known 2016 is proclaimed the year of English in Ukraine. 
And December, 14 is the Day of English in Ukrainian schools. On this day we have special lessons dedicated to William Shakespeare. So I decided to help my seventh formers to learn more interesting information about this great British bard.
We got acquainted with Shakespeare's life facts with the help of this lovely video from Fiveminded 
Then we had an online tour to the Shakespeare's Globe theatre
And my students performed a scene from "King Lear" play:

After the performance we listened to Shakespeare's Sonnet 66 and its translated version by Dmytro Pavlychko 

At the end of our lesson my students took part in a quiz dedicated to Shakespeare's life and works.

четверг, 1 декабря 2016 г.

A Day in the History:Washington

Картинки по запросу фото washington
December, 1 is a special day for Washington, because on December 1, 1800 this city became  a capital of the United States of America, heart and centre of the Land of Liberty.
The territory of the capital of the District of Columbia was named in honor of Christopher Columbus, and the city - Washington in honor of the first president of the United States - George Washington.
 A military engineer and member of the Revolutionary War Pierre L'Enfant was a designer of the plan of this city. Langfang wanted to create a series of architectural ensembles, which would have resembled buildings of ancient Rome and Versailles. And he really succeeded in his work.
Enjoy the magnificence of Washington with the help of the video (finleyholiday YouTube channel):

Hello December! ;)

Похожее изображение
Hot chocolate, cold snow, warm sweaters, bright lights, Christmas... This list is endless, isn't it?
Today is the first of December, my dear friends, the last month of the year and the beginning of a new season, cold, but at the same time full of exciting things like white snow, winter holidays and Christmas, of course, with its bright lights, X-tree, presents and best wishes. 
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Although I'm an adult, I have still been waiting  for a miracle. And winter for me is like a fairy - tale.  
Картинки по запросу фото hello december