пятница, 27 мая 2016 г.

Summing up of our school year.

The school year is over and it's high time to sum up our work.

  1. So, at the beginning of this school year I decided to create my professional site where I could gether all my creative lessons. And here it is Englishland ( I won the third place in the Kharkiv festival of pedagogical websites for my site)
Englishland персональний сайт учителя англійської мови 
  2. I started to teach my new first grade students

  3. In October my English club "Young English" started its work. My students (the fifth grade) worked on different projects during our meetings:
We are making a newspaper "My native land"
 4. At the end of October we had a Halloween party
5. At the end of November my 10th grade student Esmira Farkhadova took part in the English olympiad and took the fifth place.
6. In January I took part in the contest "Teacher of the year - 2016" and became the laureate
7. During this school year I started working on the topic "Development of students' critical thinking skills"
Strategy of six thinking hats
8.In February we had the English week during which my students took part in different contests and showed good results
9. In May my first grade students took part in our ABC party where they showed their good knowledge of English 
10. This year my former student came to me for taking practice on the basis of our school

11. On May 20 my 11th grade students had the English State Final Exam where they checked their knowledge of English

12. And at the end this school year has prepared a special present for me: my younger brother is a school-leaver
Wish you good luck and happiness in your adulthood, my dear brother!
So, that was the school year of 2016 ful of new events, achievements and experience.
I congratulate all my students on the end of this school year and wish a wonderful summer to everyone! 


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