пятница, 20 мая 2016 г.

The English State Final Exam - 2016 / ДПА з англійської мови 2016

Today on May 20 2016 the English State Final Exam for the students of the 11th form was held in our school.
I want to congratulate my students on their successful passing the exam.
If you want to check your knowledge or check your answers after the exam, here are the tasks for you:

Part 2. Writing
You have missed your friend's birthday party.Write an e-mail of 50-80 words to your friend in which you:
  • apologize for missing the party and explain why you couldn't go;
  • ask your friend how the party was;
  • suggest meeting your friend to give him/her their present.
The answers to the test you'll find here

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