воскресенье, 1 мая 2016 г.

World Dance Day

On April 29 the whole world celebrates the World Dance Day.This holiday is dedicated to all styles of dance, people began to celebrate it in 1982  on the birthday of French choreographer Jean-Georges Noverre.
Dance is like music a universal language that is understood by everyone. It's always amazing to watch professionals dancing:
Even if we are not  professional dancers, we like dancing, too.
Sometimes we start shaking our heads to a lovely tune:
We dance at the parties:
And though our dances are not always successful:
We all love dancing!
Now I want to tell you how to connect dancing with learning English.
For developing my students' listening skills I've decided to use square dancing. My students liked this new and unusual for the lesson system activity. By the way they've got a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the American culture.

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