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Welcome to our Language Summer Camp "Englishland": the first week.

The first week of our summer holidays started with the opening of our language summer camp "Englishland".The aim of creating this camp on the basis of our school was to encourage students to learn English, to develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, to destroy the language barrier and to open way for the students' creativity.
First of all I created a special classroom for my students where they could feel comfortable and full of interest and excitement. And here it is - our Englishland:
  The board with our camp motto, the work plan and useful phrases
The name of our camp

And the board with my students' achievement points 
Before opening the camp door, students got acquainted with the camp rules and put their signatures on the special list
Then all the students were ready for something funny and new for them
And we started with our camp song of friendship "Count on me"
After that all the students started to get acquainted: they put a character hat on and told us about themselves:

Valery is an emotional person

Then all the students were divided into two groups:
Noisy Bees

My children created their representative placards
did different English tasks in our Merry Train:
We are entering a new station

We are solving the English puzzle
We are doing the crossword
Noisy Bees are showing their planes in the game "Let me see your..."
We are playing the Mime game on the topic "Professions"
Noisy Bees are trying to show a doctor
Every morning in our camp starts with merry physical exercises:
We are very active, so we like to play "Eaten or Uneaten" 
And we like to go on an excursions to our local park where we have fun and a good rest:
My campers especially like the game "Cola, Pepsi, Fanta, Sprite."

For developing our skills we spend time playing online games or doing online activities on our favourite site  http://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/ru/
My students also like watching movies and discussing their plots:
We celebrate special days. For example, my students represented their pictures devoted to the World Children's Day on June, 1.
The students in our camp are very creative, that's why we have got our own art-studio where we create interesting things:
This week our volunteer Inna Illivna visited our art - studio and offered to make decorations for "Cinderella" play:
And here are the results of our creative work:
And we always present our campers with special points for their work:

These are our first successful steps:
Small steps,
Big results - 
It is all about us!
For these points my students will get prizes at the end of our camp, but that will be another story. 
And our adventures in Englishland go on.



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