пятница, 20 мая 2016 г.

English is easy!

The most favourite part in my work is seeing the results of it. So you can imagine that I was the happiest person in the world when my former student and now the future linguist Tatyana came to me for taking practice on the basis of my school.
Tatyana was one of my best students who had got very good results at her English and always took active part in all English contests.
So during her practice Tatyana visited my lessons and conducted her own.We exchanged interesting materials and Tatyana prepared tests of different levels for my students.At the end of her practice Tanya conducted an English quiz for my students and they eagerly answered all her questions.
It's a great pleasure to see how your students continue your work. It means that all what you do is not in vain. 
So, English is easy!;) and my students prove it by connecting their future with this amazing language.
Tanya, wish you good luck in your study and your future profession. It was a great pleasure for me to work with you.

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