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International Thank You Day / Международный день"Спасибо".

January 11 can be called without exaggeration one of the most " polite " dates in a year. It is the International Thank You Day. We all realize the importance of good manners , their necessity in everyday life, but most of the votes we express , as if by chance , without thinking about their meaning . However , thank you have magical properties - with their help people give pleasure to each other, express attention and convey positive emotions - something without which our lives would be scant and gloomy.
The phrase 'thank you'  we can meet in all languages:

Let's take a look at the English phrase :

thank you " спасибо"

This phrase is interesting because in English. you " вам" , the combination -ou - have obsolete pronunciation ( and apparently enshrined in English grammar ) the letter of [ ou ] .  Besides, the sound [в]  is allophone [ b ] . From this it can be assumed that:

bi - in spasibі Ukrainian and Russian -bo in thanks, is nothing else than "you " . See similar transition from * tebe * teve.

So, in a word thanks there were two words:
Such a cute version , exactly like the traditional version of God help us , we can only reject already because of other Slavic peoples , including in Russia adopted Christianity earlier , there is no form of gratitude.

The second step for solving - a German phrase :

danke schön " thank you"

1. beautiful , beautiful
2 . good! , great! ; beautiful!
In many languages​​ we can see the same thing - wishing  all the best.
So, in addition to all this I want to say THANKS to all of you, my dear friends and pupils for being with me and reading my blog:) 

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