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Happy birthday, WikipediA! /С Днем рождения, Википедия!

Wikipedia is a  universal free encyclopedia  on the World Wide Web. The articles are created in many languages by ​​voluntary collective work of the authors. One of the main advantages of Wikipedia is the ability to provide information in any language, while maintaining its value in terms of cultural identity.
Wikipedia is considered to be the progenitor of Nupedia ( encyclopedia project in English, which implements the principles of freedom of information). The articles were written by Nupedia scientists and people from the academic environment.It  was founded by Larry Sanger and Jimmy Wales .
To speed up the completion of the encyclopedia, in January 15, 2001, Wales and Sanger opened a site "Wikipedia".Now  any user of the Network can take part in editing the encyclopedia.
Wikipedia gets its name from its use for the implementation of the technology " wiki ." Translated from the Hawaiian language wiki means "quick" . In May 2001, Russian , German, Swedish , French, Italian , Spanish, Portuguese , Esperanto, Catalan, Hebrew, Japanese , and a little later - Arabic and Hungarian were launched. Now there are more than 260 Wikipedia language editions . Wikipedia volume is growing steadily. Encyclopedia is gaining popularity among web users, among the ten most visited Internet resources in the world.
Wikipedia is not a primary source.  And if the source is not specified  the fact may be removed.  The reader should understand and analyze all the facts. It makes sense to check this information from other sources. 
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