среда, 4 декабря 2013 г.

Big Hugs for you!;)

Today is a wonderful holiday, my dear friends! 
Today is the International Hug Day!!!:)

Hug Day - is celebrated twice a year -in January 21 (National Hug Day ) and in December 4 (International Hug Day ) . This holiday has appeared in the 70 - s of XX century , having developed among the students of Western European youth, but the exact circumstances of its appearance are unknown. On this day we can embrace not only friends, but even strangers. Do not hesitate to hug each other. Let's celebrate the strangest holiday - World Hug Day .
День объятий славный день,
Обнимите же друзей,
Всех кто в жизни очень дорог,
И желайте счастья всем!
С днём Объятья поздравляю,
Счастья и любви желаю,
Обнимите же скорей,
Всех знакомых и друзей!

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