среда, 21 ноября 2018 г.

Let's write about...

We continue present our ideas in the rubric "Let's write about..." And today I want to share with you  my student's essay "My favourite book".

" Recently I've read the story of Harry Potter and I was very impressed by this wonderful book. That's why I decided to write a short story about my acquaintance with this book and my feelings. 
As you maybe know this book was written by J.K.Rowling, a famous British writer. The main characters are Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley.

The plot's set place in our time and in an imagenary world at the same time. The story tells us about a ten-year old boy Harry. His life is hard but on his eleventh birthday everything changes for him at once. A starnge guest brings him a letter from a school for wizards. And harry learns that he is not an ordinary boy but a real wizard (but unprepared yet) andd he is accepted at Hogwarts, the school of magic.

I identified myself with Hermione, because she is so smart and cool.She is very friendly  and always ready to help others.
If you ask me what kind of book it is, I will admit that it's hard to say, because adventures of Harry Potter is a fantasy, a young adult fiction and adventure story at tthe same time. You can find mystery, aventures, love, friendship and phylosophic topics in this book. And the ending of this book is very moving. 

I liked this book very much, because it is the most touching and fantastic story I have ever read. It is full of magic and drama. 

I thoroughly recommend it to all who haven't read this wonderful book yet."
                                           Kate Artyukhova, form 8.

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  1. Thank you Kate for sharing with us your impressions from this wonderful book.As for me I adore it, too, because it's so full of kindness. I remember when I was crying when I read about Dumbledore's death. I was impressed by the epic fight at the end of the story. And what about you? Describe your impressions from "Harry Potter".