вторник, 25 сентября 2018 г.

New ways of learning for young learners

Let's get acquainted! These are my first graders. They like learning English and they are very eager to learn something new. And I always try to make my lessons more intresting for my little learners. Today we have started learning letters and our first AB meeting was unusual. Let's forget about boring writing! Why not to create letters with the help of plasticine? It's easy and very creative for my pupils. By the way we have learn't not only letters, we also practised pronouncing their sounds and made words with these letters(apples and bananas). We also used wonderful resourses from http://www.dreamenglish.com/missionabcde
It was easy and a great fun! And what I liked most of all was that my young learners remembered new letters very easily. So the first step to knowing English has been taken.
To be continued...

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