пятница, 24 июня 2016 г.

If you want to be happy, be!;)

Hello my dear friends,
I'm not going to teach you today. My post is devoted to happiness. Yeah, this simple word has a different meaning for every person in the world. 
Korean artist Ji-Hyuk Kim has depicted the moments of happiness in his warm and bright illustrations: an ordinary trip, meeting with relatives, daily cares, an interesting trip - all those simple things that make us happy.
Be happy, when a new adventure is waiting for you
Be happy, when you spend a day with your favourite book 

Be happy, when you move to a new flat
Be happy, when you do what you like
Be happy, when you are wandering around your favourite places
Be happy, when you spend your time with your dearest and nearest
Be happy, when you are alone
Be happy, with that person who loves you
Be happy every single day!;)
(And here is my favourite one, because it describes my character. And what picture describes you?)
Wish you happiness in every moment of your life.

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