четверг, 16 июня 2016 г.

Language Summer Camp "Englishland": the third week

 The first day of the last week in our camp started with a creative work. My campers created comics with the help of our favourite site makebeliefscomix.com
And here is the winner of our Comics Contest created by Lizy and Nastya
The second day was dedicated to wild life. We watched the Prehistoric Park documentary about the scientist who could travel in time and rescued exotic creatures.
After watching the film we had fun with our twister.
And we also created funny animal masks in our art - studio
On the third day my campers took part in the Show of Talents and showed themselves from their best sides:
  Our volunteer Svetlana Petrovna visited our camp and played the Bingo game with my campers.We all enjoyed the game very much.

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