вторник, 15 декабря 2015 г.

Events: The International Tea Day.

 What can be better than a cup of hot tea in a frosty winter evening? Tea is one of the most favourite beverages on the planet. And today is the International Tea Day. It's not a day - off and this day is mostly celebrated in countries which produce tea. 
 It is believed that tea as a beverage discovered by the  second Chinese Emperor Shen Nung  about  2737 BC, when the Emperor dropped the leaves of tea tree into the cup with hot water. Is it possible to imagine that now we drink the same tea, which the Chinese Emperor tasted about 5 thousand years ago!
 But when I think about tea, the British as a nation of real tea drinkers, come to my mind.
 And here is a short trip to a brief history of British afternoon tea ( the video was taken from FollowThatBug on the youtube channel)

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