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English vocabulary:Doing shopping

Tomorrow is the Boxing Day when people find presents under their X-trees. 
Do you like to get presents? And do you like to buy them for your relatives and friends in the shops? 
Here is the special English vocabulary for you on the topic "Doing Shopping".

Selecting goods

Making payment
Returns and complaints

Things you might see

Using a credit card

Can I help you?

Are you in the queue?

I'd like to return this


Enter your PIN

I'm just browsing, thanks

Next, please!

I'd like to change this for a different size

Please wait

How much is this?

Do you take credit cards?

It doesn't work

Open 24 hours a day

Remove card

How much are these?

I'll pay in cash/by card

It doesn't fit

Special offer


How much does this cost?

Could I have a receipt, please?

Could I have a refund?


How much does this cost?

Would you be able to gift wrap it for me?

Have you got the receipt?

Clearance sale

How much is that … in the window?

Would you like a bag?

Could I speak to the manager?

Closing down sale

That's cheap

Special offer

That's good value

Good value

That's expensive

Buy 1 get 1 free

Do you sell …?

Buy 1 get 1 half price

Do you have any …?

Reduced to clear

Sorry, we don't sell

Half price

Sorry, we don't have any left

Out to lunch

I'm looking for …

Back in 15 minutes

Could you tell me where … is?

Shoplifters will be prosecuted

where can I find  …?

have you got anything cheaper?

it's not what I'm looking for

do you have this item in stock?

does it come with a guarantee?

it comes with a one year guarantee

do you deliver?

I'll take it/ I'll take this

anything else?

would you like anything else?

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