понедельник, 16 июня 2014 г.

Pepsi Day ;)

In 1893, a young American pharmacist Caleb Bredhem quite unexpectedly created a unique mixture of soda, rare oils, sugar, vanilla and cola nuts. This unusual drink was sold in pharmacies as a mean of strengthening and exhilarating. But the registered trademark "Pepsi-Cola" was invented much later on June 16, 1903. It was then that the name of the drink was invented, so beloved by millions of people worldwide. The trademark "Pepsi-Cola"was the name of ingredients pepsin and cola nut.
Today, "Pepsi-Cola" has got fans of the unusual taste in all countries. And although the trademark "Pepsi-Cola" was registered more than a hundred years ago, people love it so far.
I suggest you to take part in a fascinating tour of the advertising posters of fizzy drink in different years:




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