пятница, 13 июня 2014 г.

Friday the 13-th

Today is Friday, the 13th, and  the full moon, so this day should be unlucky twice by definition. But as the mathematicians say: two minuses give plus.
Friday  the 13th  is called "black". It is believed that on this day all the ghouls, witches and other evil spirits gather together at the demonic orgy. And when that day falls on a full moon something terrible can happen.
Certainly everyone will find at least one example of failure that happened to him on that day. To avoid repetition, you can refer to the signs of our ancestors and contemporaries:

1. Resist the temptation. On this day, people are most susceptible to temptation and unjustified risk (remember the famous biblical story), try to be calm, listen to classical music, read, spend time with your family.

2. Do not go on a journey. Muslims consider Friday a wrong day to start your adventures, and many travel companies do not send their clients to flights on the 13th, do not  mention the combination - Friday, 13.

3. Be careful on the roads! According to statistics, on this day there is a set of road accidents.

4. Do not go for surgery! Many health workers argue that on this day surgeons try not to carry dangerous operations on, as the risk to the patient is doubled. Especially for plastic surgery.

5. Do not leave the apartment unattended. American police reports claim that on Friday, the 13th day of an increasing number of thefts and robberies.

6. Save your computer! It is believed that on this day  activity of "worms."is increased At the dawn of the computer age, many creators of virus programs created dangerous progs.  Check your computer and do not click on suspicious links.
At the end I want to say no matter what day it is. May it be a lucky day!;)

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