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World Book Day:useful tips for readers/Всесвітній день книги:корисні поради для читачів

We celebrate World Book Day on April 23.Everyone knows that books broaden our horizons. But do you like reading? Here are some useful tips for those who want to read English:
  • Don't try to understand every word. Try to understand the overall meaning of a sentence or passage.
  • Don't translate - only use a dictionary if a word keeps appearing in a text and you still don't understand it.
  • Don't just read a book and then forget about it - try to analyse it. 

It will be very useful to use reading logs for better understanding the material.
 A reading log is a record of the books that a particular person reads in a specific period of time. It commonly includes the name of the book the person read, when it was read, and how many pages were read as of that particular time.
Or a reading log is a journal that you write expressing your thoughts about a book. This would be similar to what you would say at a book club, except it will be on paper instead.
Here are some examples of reading log tables:
Improve and enjoy your reading!;)

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