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How to write an autobiography/Як писати автобіографію

For a basic paragraph, your biography should probably include facts like:
  • Date and place of birth 
  • Major achievements
  • Education
  • Work facts
  • An overview of what makes the person significant
Language tips
  • I was born on.../Я народився...
  • (Home city/town/village) is my native place/Моє рідне місто, село
  • I am ... child in my family/Я - ... дитина в родині.
  • My parents are.../Мої батьки...
  • I started the first form in .../Я пішов у перший клас до ....( школа)
  • My hobby is.../ Моє хобі...
Remember you may use any phrases and words you like because it's your autobiography. Be creative!;)
Autobiography example( picture was taken from http://nataliew89.edublogs.org/ as an example):

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