четверг, 11 февраля 2016 г.

Art for heart's sake

This week my students of the 10th grade have started to learn a very interesting topic "Art".
What is art? It's a very difficult question because this notion has many meanings.

The fine arts

The fine arts are what most people mean when they just say “art”These include artistic disciplines such as painting and sculpture. Typically, they are objects created to be “beautiful”.

 Arts and crafts

A craft is a similar, related concept and we do use the term arts and crafts. In arts and crafts, objects are created by hand. A good example would be tapestry.

 The visual arts

These are the ones we look at and include paintingsdrawings and photographs. Does cinema count? For some people, yes
So I have made an educational presentation for my students.

 They learnt different art styles and practised describing pictures according to the plan:
Here is the useful material of the topic "Art" from Quizlet
and my educational presentation:

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