пятница, 12 февраля 2016 г.

How to spend the weekend?

 It's finally Friday! It's my favourite day of the week because I don't have to prepare for my lessons and the weekend is ahead. You may say that you like Saturday or Sunday but I'm pretty sure that  we all don't like the working days;)
 But how to spend the weekend? That is the question!
 Do you expect me to give you advice? No, I just want to share with you how I usually spend my weekend. 
 So at the beginning I always plan to do a lot of things. But as a rule it never works.
 I hope that I'm not alone :)
 There are a lot of ways of spending the weekend and first of all it depends on people's characters. So if you are an active person, you'll have an active rest. And if you are a homebody it's quite obvious that you'll prefer a quiet rest. 
But my weekend rest depends on my mood. Sometimes I really need a quiet rest and do nothing at the weekend. And it looks like this:
When I'm in a good mood I'm looking forward to my weekend because this is the only time which you can spend on yourself.
And I usually do the following things:
1)I like watching films or cartoons and always choose the positive ones:

2) I like to play RPG
3) I like to read. I read a lot and I can read different kinds of literature. For example now I'm reading  

4) And I never mind cleaning the rooms:

5) I also like to take care of my flowers:
6) And I never mind cooking:

No matter what you do at your weekend, if you do it with pleasure, it means that you have a fantastic weekend. And you'll start a new week in a good mood, and with a new strength.
So, my dear friends, enjoy your weekend!;)

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