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How to write a letter of application/ Як написати супровідного листа

An application letter, also known as a cover letter, should be sent or uploaded with your resume when applying for jobs. The job application letters you send explain to the employer why you are and why you are looking for exactly this job.
The structure.
  1. Write your contact information at the top 
  2. Write the date
  3. Write the name of the employer to whom you are applying for the gob
  4. Write the name of the person whom you are writing:Mr/Ms/Mrs/Dr Full Name 
  5. State the position to which you are applying:I am writing to apply for
  6. Explain where you found the advertisement
  7. Explain why the job would be suitable for you
  8. Summarize your strengths
  9. End appropriately: I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.
         Use Yours sincerely or Yours faithfully.
And here is an example for you( the pic.was taken from http://www.e-start.hk/)

Sample of Application Letter

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