вторник, 30 сентября 2014 г.

Happy International Translation Day / З Днем Перекладача!

Today, on September 30 translators all over the world celebrate International Translation Day, an event intended to raise the profile of translators and make the public more aware of their work.
Many people see translators in a different way:

Of course, it's a joke;) Translators get  an indescribable pleasure from their work because every translator consists of many different "I" and "persons" who are willing to get out as soon as a new text appears on the computer screen or a new speaker begins his/her speech.
As for me, my passion for English started when I was a little girl and has never diminished. My whole career has got a strong connection with English: as a teacher and as a translator and interpreter.I find the profession of a translator to be a great thing. 
Beyond linguistic barriers is a united world. And this is a great mission of all translators from the whole world due to their knowledge to make this world united. 
So I congratulate all my colleagues on the ocassion of Internatinal Translation Day. May your work be alaways interesting for you!

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