понедельник, 21 ноября 2016 г.

The World Hello Day

Картинки по запросу фото день приветствий
Hello, my dear friends!
Have you already said 'hello' to at least ten people today? Why, you ask me?!
Because today is the World Hello Day!!! Смайлы Приветствие
   This day was invented  in 1973 when there was a number of conflicts in the world . The holiday  was offered to celebrate  by two brothers Brian and Michael Maccomack. They said that this festival was a kind of protest against the tense relations between countries. To tell the world about the new holiday  they sent their greetings to many countries. There was only one request - to send the same greeting to another ten people. This idea was immediately  supported by 180 countries.
    This lovely holiday has become multinational and independent of the factors such as occupation, religion or belief. This day brings together children and adults, movie stars and ordinary people - all who want to make the world a more tolerant and friendly.
So I want to send my 'hello' to my friends in the whole world!

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