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School menu:Sandwich Masters contest

Картинки по запросу фото sandwich
On Friday, 18 my 5th grade students took part in the Sandwich Master contest. They have just learnt the topic "Food", so I offered them to check their knowledge with the help of the project work on the topic "School menu".
What do students put in their packed lunch more often? Sandwiches, of course. So why not show creativity. I asked my students to cook their own sandwiches, give them names, write the recipes and represent the information to the class. At the end of the contest we summed up the results and found out that this simple food can be various.
The 1 place winner Ann Shyrokorad and her sandwich called "Appetizing pun"
The 2 place winner Max Lymar and his "Simply sandwich"
The 3 place winner Alex Voropaev and his "Sandwich-pie"
The 3 place winner Kate Julkova and her "Double fish and sausage sandwich"
Congratulations to the winners of the contest. You are real Sandwich Masters!
Working on the project my students were inspired by "Carla's Sandwich" story (Written by: Debbie Herman), which we had listened to before our project work on http://www.storylineonline.net/.

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