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Useful advice: Successful English Lesson

Being a teacher is a very responsible thing: you must give your knowledge to your students in such a way that they will enjoy getting it and you will see the results of your work.Being a foreign language teacher is twice as hard, because you must teach your students in an unknown for them language. During my pedagogical work I meet different students of different ages. Some of them are hard-working and eager to learn something new, some of them are very fast and naughty, some of them are very slow, and some of them are real lazybones. But no matter what kind of children they are, they are our students, who enter the classroom to learn something new every day.
So I've decided to put together all the ways that can help to make the lessons successful and interesting.
1. Classroom language. If you want your students to learn the language you teach them, you should speak in it at your lessons. It must be a rule for you and your students.
Even if your students make mistakes, they shouldn't be afraid of speaking English, because that's why we all gather in the classroom - to learn speaking English.
And here are some useful expressions at the lessons:
For teachers:
This is a quiz for non-native speaker teachers of English. Here is some classroom language that you might find useful. It' s for different ages and levels of pupils/students. British English.
And for students:
2. Learning materials. Select the materials for your lessons very carefully. Remember that they should be:
  • easy for understanding;
  • informative;
  • and interesting for children.
For example, for learning new vocabulary you can use pictures, photos, talking flashcards and real objects.
Placards, tables, graphics and presentations will help to explain the rules and your students will learn them better.
Use cartoons, films and educational videos at your lessons. They are more interesting for children than boring books.
Choose the texts for reading on the topics which are interesting for teenagers.
Useful sites:
3. Be creative! Make every your lesson special and unusual. And be patient and ready to help your students.
Remember that
So don't limit your capabilities and make your lessons successful. 
Wish you good luck in our creative work;)

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