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Merry Christmas, Ukraine!

  Today is Christmas in Ukraine! So merry Christmas to everyone!And on this special day I'd like to wish happiness to everyone and don't forget to believe and love!
  On this special day Ukrainian children usually go from house to house and sing carols, so called kolyadky. It's an old tradition that passes from generation to generation.
  Our ancestors started the New Year on January 14 ("Old New Year"). That's why it is appropriate to sow on this day. Children go from house to house and recite poetry wish (shchedrivka)  as thanks to God.
So the season of kolyadky and shchedrivky has begun:)
By the way my favourite shchedrivka is "Shchedryk". It became popular due to  Ukrainian composer Nick Leontovych.
Let's listen to it:
( the video was taken from YouTube channel Андрій Гуцула)
The song became so popular that in 1936 Peter Vilhovsky, who worked for radio NBC, wrote the English of"Shchedryk."The song was fixed in the musical culture as  «Carols of the Bells» or «Ukrainian Carols». The American professional and amateur choirs sing it as a carol for Christmas.
Let's learn the lyrics and watch an amazing video 

Hark how the bells,

Sweet silver bells,
All seem to say,
Throw cares away.

Christmas is here,
Bringing good cheer,
To young and old,
Meek and the bold.

Oh how they pound,
Raising the sound,
O'er hill and dale,
Telling their tale.

Gaily they ring,

While people sing,
Songs of good cheer,
Christmas is here.

Merry, merry, merry, merry Christmas,
Merry, merry, merry, merry Christmas,
On on they send,
On without end,
Their joyful tone to every home,
Dong ding dong ding, dong bong.

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