понедельник, 25 ноября 2013 г.

Our school life

My seminar - training on the topic " The principles of continuity of  learning English in the 5-th form".
Today the seminar-training has taken place in my school. I showed the princeples of continuity of learning English in the 5-th form. We know that there are 6 principles. They are:

  1. the principle of communicational learning;
  2. the principle of situational learning;
  3. the principle of active learning;
  4. the principle of social - cultural learning;
  5. the principle of leading role of exercises and tasks;
  6. the principle of interconnected learning listening, reading, speaking and writing skills.
Learning new vocabulary with the help of presentation
Doing various tasks for developing listening, reading, speaking and writing skills  

And PT minute for a little rest

Thank you very much, my dear pupils of the 5-th form for your active work at the lesson!

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