среда, 30 октября 2013 г.

Week of Halloween 3

This is Halloween!;)
Today we have got a wonderfull day: Halloween party in our school!:) This day was full of joy and fun. Let's recollect some enjoyable moments of this day!
The holiday began with a little performance of my pupils. Here are my amazing witches. They are so charming, aren't they?

The witches were so naugty and even were trying to steal a boy:
But Halloween is a friendly and funny holiday. So our story ended well;)

And here is our Jack-o-lantern:
During the party we had so many interesting contests:
Pumpking bean bag
Blow a ghost
A skeleton fun
Put a wart on a witche's face

I would like to say many thanks to my dear pupils of the 9-th & 10-th forms for their help in creating this wonderful Halloween party!;)
This is our friendly team:)

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