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Happy Halloween!!!;)

Today is Halloween, my friends! Are you ready for
Here are some trick-or-treat poems for you:

Trick or treat, you're so neat.
Give us something good to eat.
Nuts and candy, fruit and gum.
We'll go away if you give me some.

Trick or treat, smell my feet.
Give me something good to eat.
If you don't, I won't be sad.
I'll just make you wish you had!

Pumpkin Head
We bought a pumpkin big and round
that lived the summer through
without an eye to look at things ...
and now it looks through two.

It used to be all dark inside
when growing on the vine,
but now it has a toothy smile
and face that's full of shine.
                  By Aileen Fisher

Apple Bobbing 

You wouldn't believe
On All Hallow Eve
What lots of fun we can make,
With apples to bob,
And nuts on the hob,
And a ring-and-thimble cake.
                    By Carolyn Wells
My pupils like reciting Halloween poems and making special masks:

And what about you?

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