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My students' projects

Hello my dear friends!
 It's already the third week of our study after our summer holidays and all my students have learnt a lot of new things. 
So I've decided to create a special post devoted to my students works which I've found to be special. 
Every time when my students do their homework, their tasks vary due to their creativeness. So it's high time to share them with the public.
During the topic "My family, friends and I" my seventh graders were asked to write a post about their family members, who influenced them. Here are two works which my students and I have found the most informative and emotional.
" My name is Kate. I am a seventh former. Let me tell you about my mother. She is very special for me, because she teaches me how to cook. We cook a lot of different dishes and always try to invent something new and special.
I'd like to be as positive as my mother are."
Kate Popsulis, form 7.
"My name is Lizy. 
My Granny is special for me, because she teaches me to be good, to bring all things to their end. She taught me to be cheerful. 
In my childhood, when my parents were at work, she was always with me. We have a lot of fun when we are together.
I'd like to be like my Granny, because she is a very supportive and positive person.
I love my Grandmother and thank her for everything."
Lizy Riznyk, form 7.
Great thanks to my students for their creative works.
To be continued... 

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