вторник, 13 июня 2017 г.

From the diary of "Englishland" language summer camp

13 June 2017
Today our friendly team have worked on a special project "We are Ukrainians".
The first step of our work was to identify the Ukrainian pecularities through our customs and traditions. We talked about our national holidays and watched an interactive presentation about Ukrainian Art and Handicrafts
The second step of our project work was to create a friendly poster of our native country. Our cooperative work was under the guidance of our volunteer Inna Illivna.
And the culmination of our work was a video "We are Ukrainians" in which we talked about our likes. This video shows that we are different, but there is one thing which unites all of us. It's our national identity. We are Ukrainians and we are proud of it!

See you tomorrow!;)

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