понедельник, 12 июня 2017 г.

From the diary of "Englishland" language summer camp

9 June 2017
Hello everyone! On that day we had a special contest for cooking experts.
At the beginning of our contest we revised the rules of healthy meal doing "Our Plate Colours".
Then we played Eaten/Uneaten game
We also revised the vocabulary of the topic "Food" with the help of "Memory game"
 and checked our memory matching the pairs of words and pictures

Then we sang a funny song "Hot potato"
After that the campers watched the video about cooking Ukrainian borsch

And they tried to find all the ingredients for this dish
Then the campers had an oral practise making a real interview about their likes and dislikes in food

At the end of the contest we played "Glorious Food" table game
As you can see our day was full of different activities which helped to develop students memory, critical thinking, speaking and listening skills and ability to cooperate. And by the way the day was a great fun for everyone!
See you!;)

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