среда, 7 июня 2017 г.

From the diary of "Englishland" language summer camp

6 June 2017
The topic of  our meeting was "Sport Day" and my students were divided into two teams ready for the competition.
We started our competition with a little warm up. It' s a game "Red, blue, yellow, green". My students revised the colours and had some fun.
The first competition was "The Code". My students had to run to their finish and decode a letter. At the end of the competition all the participants could read the hidden phrase "We like English" 
All the tasks were designed to help students in revision of the vocabulary, learnt before. These tasks are: "The words", "Odd word", "Find your place", "A little trip", "A hungry crocodile", " Swamp".
 All the competitors had a great fun trying to get to their destination. 

At the end of our competition we found out that the winner became friendship. And it's really good!
See you tomorrow!;)


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