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From the diary of "Englishland" language summer camp

16 June 2017
It was the last day of our language summer camp. We summed up the results of our team work and sent our planes of dreams to a far away flight to say good bye to our summer language camp "Englishland" till the next summer.

All the campers shared their impressions, wrote good wishes to our camp and got awards for their good work.
Award nomination
Ruslana Lubyanko
Outstanding organizer
Lisy Mohylka and Oryna Galushko
Awesome dancers
Kate Julkova
Cheerful cheerleader
Daria Zagrebelna
The Best smile
Anastasiya Goroziy
The Most creative artist
Sergiy Koval and Max Kuznichenko
The Best quest players
Christy Vorobey
The Best teammate
Polly Kozodoy
The Most curious
Anastasiya Shevchenko
The Best actress
All the activities in our camp helped to develop campers' skills, creativity and critical thinking. They also taught us to work in a team and improved our English communicative skills.
I  want to share with you, my dear readers, all the amazing moments we have had in our language summer camp.

I am proud of all my campers and wish them a wonderful summer rest!
See you next year;)

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