вторник, 30 мая 2017 г.

From the diary of "Englishland" language summer camp

 29 May 2017
Hello, dear campers! Welcome back to our "Englishland" language summer camp. 
All the campers have gathered in our classroom and are ready for something new, something prepared especially for them. 

And I have tried very hard not to dissapoint my little scouts.
I was happy to admit that all my campers were on their places and moreover we had 4 newcomers. Even a little rat Maxy came to our camp:)
We started our meeting with an Icebreaker.
We played a lot of funny games and enlarged our vocabulary

Then we sealed our friendship with a friendly human knot;)

The first day in our camp finished with funny dances. 
At the end all my campers were happy and went home with smiles on their faces. And one of my little campers even said that everything was cool. And I was really happy to hear it.
So, that was our first day in our camp. 
See you tomorrow!;)

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