воскресенье, 1 января 2017 г.

Happy New Year!

Картинки по запросу фото happy new year 2017
Here it is -2017 has already come, dear friends! And we all are waiting for something new, something that will definitely change our life for better.
Whatever this year is for all of us, it is very important to find a word of thanks in 2016 for all the good things that it brought to us: our little and big victories.
As for me 2016 was rather difficult and full of different challenges. The biggest event was my participation in "Teacher of the Year" contest where I became the laureate.

My brother (who is my student, too) showed his best results in ZNO  English exam and entered the university of his dream.

My students learnt a lot of interesting things and took part in different contests and performances during the 
last year. 

So thank you, 2016 for all those amazing events!
And welcome 2017! Please bring peace, happiness and joy to our lives!
Happy New Year, my dear friends!;) 

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