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Our school events: This is Halloween;)

 Смайлы Праздники my dear friends!


The Harvest moon fills the sky
A wicked witch goes flying by
Ghosts and goblins..skeleton’s too.
Moaning and groaning, waiting for you
Black cats prowl the graveyard plots
Witches cook in cauldron pots
Cemetery ghouls roam the ground
Not one unopened grave is found
Tombstones are an eerie sight
Shadows dance in full moon light
The haunted house on the hill
Walk in there and you get a chill
Jack-o-lanterns eyes so bright
Trick or Treaters scream in fright
It’s a time like you’ve never seen
Tonight’s the night of Halloween.
By Sandi VanderSluis
This lovely holiday is getting more and more popular in my country.
So my dear sixth - graders and I decided to celebrate this Halloween with great fun. My students recited funny Halloween poems, watched the video about Halloween traditions, did the crossword and played traditional apple bobbing game. After our little concert all the participants got sweets and little souvenirs. We all had a very good time. 
And now I want to share with you our moments of joy.

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