среда, 24 августа 2016 г.

Day of Potato Chips

Crispy potato chips  have become a real cult not only among young people but among the older generation, too. Manufacturers are constantly experimenting with a variety of flavors, even allowing gourmets to enjoy precisely the nuances of flavor that they prefer to all others.
And today on August 24 potato chips celebrate their birthday. So where did they come from?
 On August 24, 1853, George Cram - a chef at Hotel Moon's Lake Lodge in the town of Saratoga Springs (NY) for the first time prepared potato chips.
One of the visitors complained about  too thick fried potatoes. And then Cram served the  potato slices the thickness of the paper, sprinkled with salt and fried  to a crisp in boiling oil.
To the chef's great surprise the  client was delighted with the new dish. Soon  Saratoga Chips have gained popularity. In 1860, Cram opened his own restaurant, where there always were baskets of potato chips on  the tables.
Today it is the most popular American food  has become almost international, although the debates about its benefits and dangers do not stop until now. 
And what about you? Do you like chips? If yes, let's go to the kitchen and cook delicious homemade potato chips ( the video was taken from TheCooknShare youtube channel)

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